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On a sunny afternoon the U15 team took to the field with a game plan. Defend well, tackle, tackle and don’t leave anything on the pitch.


We faced a strong and well  structured ‎side who are placed a tier above ourselves and would have seen themselves as strong favourites. The first encounters placed both teams on an even keel with strong and resolute tackling especially from Garnock.   Marr realising they couldn’t run through us then started putting the ball out wide which paid dividends with several tries.   However the boys heads didn’t go down and they stuck to their task. To this end we got a couple of tries which surprised the opposition and galvanised the boys. At half time we were down 30-12.


The second half began and Marr had the advantage with a couple of scores. Easily the boys heads could have gone down but my goodness this brought out the best‎ in each and every one of them.   They took the game to them and Marr became rattled as we scored three more tries.   We had them on the ropes but time ran out and the final whistle was blown. Marr 40 Garnock 31.


Both myself and Jared can only convey how proud we are the team. They became a real team today and can be proud of themselves. It would be wrong of me to single out any players so I will list all of them.


Alex Montgomery, Daniel O’ Leary, Jaden Smith, Greig Barr, Ewan Nuttall, Struan Reekie(capt), Yousuf Shaheen, Conor Slater, Finlay Latter, David Kernachan, David Brennan, Calum Creech, Luke MacDonald, Jack Gilmour(vice capt), Innes Hutton, Mark Fleetham, Thomas McGuires

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