To register as a club member or player you MUST

  1. Complete the Scottish Rugby Unions on-line registration (SCRUMS) . The link is HERE. (please complete all fields – enter N/A if no response is appropriate) 
  2. Set up your Club Subscription payments. Please instruct your bank to make payments to
    • Recipient:                   Garnock Rugby Club
    • Sort Code:                  80-05-62
    • Account Number:     06000864
    • Reference:                  Player’s SCRUMS ID LAST then FIRST name (e.g. 138240 Smith Andrew)

(thank you, this greatly simplifies our administration).


Subscription Type 12 Monthly Payments Annual Payment
Senior Player (over 18) including match fees £10.00 £140.00
Junior Players (under 18) excluding match fees £15.00
Plus match fees £5.00
Junior Players (under 18) Single Payment £65.00
Concessions* including match fees £9.00 £110.00
Full Family Membership (covering players under 16) £50.00
Full Members (non-playing) £40.00
Affiliate Members (non-playing) minimum £15.00

*Unemployed / Student

If you have difficulty paying subscriptions by bank transfers please speak with the relevant coach