To register as a club member or player you MUST

  1. Complete the Scottish Rugby Unions on-line registration (SCRUMS) . The link is HERE. (please complete all fields – names, DoB, contact details, etc.,) 
  2. Set up your Club Subscription payments. Please instruct your bank to make payments to
    • Recipient:                   Garnock Rugby Club
    • Sort Code:                  80-05-62
    • Account Number:     06000864
    • Reference:                  The FIRST and LAST name of the registering player/member

(thank you, this greatly simplifies our administration).



Subscription Type 12 Monthly Payments Annual Payment
Senior Player (over 18) including match fees £10.00 £140.00
Junior Players (under 18) including match fees £5.00 £65.00
Concessions* including match fees £9.00 £110.00
Full Family Membership (covering players under 16) £50.00
Full Members (non-playing) £40.00
Affiliate Members (non-playing) minimum £15.00

*Unemployed / Student

If you have difficulty paying subscriptions by bank transfers please speak with the relevant coach