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Royal Bank RugbyForce Day…

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The weather was perfect for our RugbyForce day. The event was sponsored by The Royal Bank and provided us with an opportunity to invite the local community to Lochshore, meet with members, and experience the ethos of our club. The day began with a spot of general maintenance, a massive ‘Thankyou!’ to those who came early to lend a hand. Junior Section training sessions followed and members did their best to explain the purpose of the apparent chaos to the uninformed. Games of Touch Rugby were then arranged for all ages; some of the attached images bear witness to what older members have long suspected – the youth of today are much quicker than they look! The exhausted and dehydrated players, and their admiring spectators, were then rewarded with burgers and drinks. What a glorious day! Thankyou to the Royal Bank for sponsoring the event.

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