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Garnock Rugby Raffle 2015 Winners

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Our highly successful Garnock Rugby Club Raffle was drawn earlier this month. Thanks to the generous donations from friends of the club, there were fantastic prizes to be had; read on to find out who won what!

  • £1,000, donated by the club; won by Mrs Waddell
  • Stay at the Hilton B&B, donated by Fran & Andy King; won by Dave Perry
  • Stay at Seamill Hydro B&B, donated by John & Susan Miller; won by Alan Bain
  • Case of spirits, donated by the Front of the Bus; won by Ray Anderson
  • Case of wine, donated by Butch; won by Liz Weir
  • Personalised Garnock merchandise donated by Sandy Service; won by Alan Miller Jr
  • Outdoor jacket, donated by Jim Hood; won by Gregor Harrison
  • Digital radio, donated by Peter McCarrol; won by John McWhiter
  • Meal for 2 @ Egg, donated by Colin Sinclair; won by Susan Irvine
  • Digital photo frame, donated by Alan Brocket; won by Ronnie Stalker
  • Acupuncture massage, donated by Dot Graham; won by Robbie Craig
  • £50 voucher, donated by McTaggart Construction; won by Grace Weir
  • Clan Craig merchandise, donated by Campbell Holmes; won by Ronnie Stalker
  • Hamper, donated by Wendy Holmes; won by Lorna Trodden
  • Model tractor, donated by the Hamilton Brothers; won by K Nelson
  • Bottle of spirits, donated by John Miller; won by Stuart Osborne
  • Malt whisky, donated by Peter Dominy; won by Declan Goldie
  • Malt whisky, donated by Scott Livingstone; won by Remo
  • Bottle of whisky, donated Robbie Nisbet; won by Alastair Low
  • Bottle of whisky, donated by Billy Walker; won by Joe McGowan
  • Malt whisky, donated by Roy King; won by Hugh Aitken
  • Malt whisky, donated by Tom Palmer; won by L Shaw

Congratulations to all the winners and a big heartfelt thanks to all those who generously donated prizes.

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