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Garnock P1/P3s Invade Greenock….

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A P1/P3 squad of 25 (yes, twenty-five) eager young players descended on a micro-tournament at Greenock on Sunday – fantastic! The introduction and retention of young players to the club is attributable to the hard work and the approachable and friendly personalities of their coaches, Campbell Holmes and Andy Powrie-Smith, who have overseen this impressive growth.  The P1/P3 squad has shown what can be achieved in the small community of the Garnock Valley despite the attractions of football and computer games.  The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice from the images the squad has now outgrown the contents of the kit bag; if anyone would like to sponsor the squad with more kit or equipment, please contact either Campbell or Andy.  Also, as any primary teacher – and not least Campbell and Andy – will testify, managing 25 inquisitive and energetic infants is a challenge; if anyone is interested in helping the coaches in any capacity please contact them directly by clicking here.

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